And there is a lot more than this!

Viewing a collection of so called “artifacts” in this university exhibit. I am standing in front of a Seated Buddha Statue, centuries old.
It was Atlanta, Georgia in 1986.

What is this? Why am I drawn to this larger than life seated Buddha?
How intensely beautiful it is!
What intimacy I feel, completely exposed and humble, my mind calm.
How can this ancient  Buddha Statue attract me so?
Suddenly, I am transported.
Universes unfold before me, all space and time, creation itself!
Then I see him, at first looking away, a being in the middle of space,
he turns to me and says “And there is a lot more than this”.

What just happened? I had my mind blown.
Let’s see what else there is to see.
I move on to the next exhibit.

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