Will Rauschenberger

Just now…

I offer what may be called inquiry into “Original Nature” (Buddha Nature).  My thoughts are natural and intimate to me but may be foreign to you, the reader. I offer what is my attempt at Zen Poetry  and offer my take on basic Zen Buddhist thought and teachings.  I do not make any claims about what is real or not in this blog. These ramblings and poems are not meant to imply any truism or rhetoric that should just be accepted without question. Rather they are to be explored like a landscape to see what is here to be seen.

What really matters? 

I searched the many philosophical and mystical traditions for many years trying to find the answer to that question.   Then, I discovered the middle way.  Rather than clinging to some abstract intellectual concept, the way is clear, with both feet on the ground, planted firmly in the present.

Zen is getting to the heart of the matter! 

Living fully and authentically in the present moment makes each instant of one’s life a peak experience. Each moment is filled with a profound peace and clarity. Each moment is perceived to have infinite depth and significance, charged with magic and mystery, infinitely precious. Zen brings us face to face with our true original nature (Buddha-nature), undefiled by cultural conditioning and painful neurotic tendencies.

I practice Zen Meditation (zazen) and facilitate the Sarasota Ordinary Zen Sangha. Ordinary Zen is a secular non-affiliated Zen Sangha dedicated to adapting Zen Buddhist teachings to Western culture.  Zazen is a practice that anyone can do to make ordinary, everyday life – extraordinary!  Why “Ordinary” Zen? Being ordinary means not different or special or unexpected in any way, with no special or distinctive features; normal. It means not seeking anything special, clinging to any concept of a special Zen, just being authentic.

Learn to still the mind and you will see.
Letting go is freedom.