Dreaming or Not

Listening to a podcast of Soto Zen chants,

they have a chant for everything, including wiping your ass!
Dogen, why all the rules?
To many rules for me!

In the middle of the night, I have dream.
A big house, my wife and I and 17 other people move in.
What is this? Hippies! Oh no!
Doing what they want, free to indulge, messy lives.
I see trouble!
In the kitchen left over food sticks to a dirty pot that someone left.
Now what?

All of a sudden, I laugh as I get the connection. No choice!
Human minds are messy, always thinking me, mine, I.
In the thirteenth century or twenty first century, rules still apply.
Chanting is good, at least a humble attitude would help.
I wake up and smile.

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