Introduction to Zen Meditation Series

In this series you will be introduced to Zen Buddhist teachings and zazen (meditation). Through your own experience, you will gain some understanding of how establishing a meditation practice can change your life. Each week, we will build on the week before, deepening our experience together.

Upon his enlightenment, Buddha was seated in meditation. Zen practice returns to that same seated meditation over and over again. For over 2500 years, that meditation has continued, from generation to generation. It is a very simple practice. However, a description about what zazen is cannot help you. Practice is the way to true intimacy with all of life.

4 weekly sessions

Each session includes:

  • 15-20 min Dharma talk and instruction
  • 20-40 min Zazen meditation practice
  • 15-20 min Post zazen talk and group discussion

Location: Integrated Healing Arts, Suite 310
1718 Main Street (Iberia Bank Bldg-enter in the back)
Sarasota, Florida.

Date: Wednesday March 16, 22, 30, April 6, 2016
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm.

Suggested Donation: $10.00 per session.
A donation is not required to participate, however a voluntary donation will help defray our costs.

Facilitator: Lay Buddhist Will Rauschenberger is dedicated to integrating Zen Buddhist teachings into our Western culture. He founded the Sarasota Ordinary Zen Sangha, a secular non-affiliated Zen Group in May of 2015

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