Realizing Ones Potential for Wisdom and Compassion

In our daily lives we are easily distracted and afflicted by our experiences and our environment. We are manipulated by the push and pull of the constant social and cultural demands placed upon us.  We falsely believe that we are our passing thoughts and emotions.  We succumb to greed, hate and ignorance, causing suffering for ourselves and others. […]

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Nyogen Senzaki on Sufism & Zen

Both Sufism and Zen inform my spirituality.  You can read more in my BIO. This essay, “Sufism & Zen” posted by James Ishmael Ford in, is taken from a collection of Nyogen Senzaki Sensei’s lectures and writings which was published in Japan in 1936 as ON ZEN MEDITATION by the Rinzai priest Nanshin Okamoto. It describes the […]

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Being Ordinary

Question: What do you mean by Ordinary Zen? Answer: We are so busy chasing after what we think is important to us that we miss out on how very extraordinarily beautiful ordinary life is!  When I first began my practice, I was fortunate to spend time with the Korean Zen Master Gosung Shin. He was ordinary, yet […]

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Where to find the Buddha?

In the Lotus Sutra, chapter ten it says: “The abode of the Tathagata is the great compassionate heart with-in all living beings; the robe of the Tathagata is the gentle and for-bearing heart; the throne of the Tathagata is the voidness of all laws (dharmas).” To be in the moment, truly means flying without wings, […]

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