upsetting the apple cart of conventional thinking

I am a troublemaker, always upsetting the apple cart of conventional thinking, I don’t adhere to an ideology. Things are not black and white, left or right. Life is not what we think. Life is fluid and is not the label I put on it. As humans, we tend to confuse reality with the labels we put on it. What are the facts on the ground? What is fake news, propaganda, and manipulation? Isn’t it just good salesmanship? What illusion am I buying into? What fantasy is dictating the next action? Are we really free? I take what works at a given time and use it to make better choices for my self and others. What is the action needed now? I am more interested in asking the question and not assuming I know. I explore, rather than buying into any conventional thinking about this and that. Rather than categorizing people by the labels, I put on them in, friend or foe, I can notice the label for what it is and drop all judgments about it and just look at what is in front of me right now. Clearly, the answers are right there. If I will only look! If I resort to reactionary blaming, denial and anger, I can stop and see that it is an expression of fear. It is understandable, yet self-defeating. When I become fixed in my view of the world, I know I have taken a wrong turn. It is not just thinking outside of the box, but realizing there is no need for the box in the first place! Having it all means something very different to me now. I no longer seek it outside of myself. Abundance isn’t something I can achieve in the competitive marketplace, it resides within beyond anyone’s ability to take it away or add to it. It is the essential breath of life and it belongs to us all equally.

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