Pointing to direct experience

The Platform Sutra contains the autobiographical passages of the most profound figure of Zen literature, the sixth patriach Hui-neng.

What I got from reading this Sutra was; Pointing to direct experience or the essence of mind is the central point. In one example the story goes, Hui-neng is happening upon two monks vigorously discussing what was moving the wind or the flag. Hui-neng’s answer to them was that it was neither, it was their minds that was moving.

There can not be two, only one. Because of the delusion under which our minds work we do not understand our true nature and seek answers outside ourselves. Yet the answer is always within the essence of our own minds.

The dropping away of thought is sailing to the other shore without leaving anything behind. The essence of mind (Buddha-Nature) embraces all things. All Buddhas are present in one instance, nothing is gained and nothing is lost. To be free from attachment, to realize our true nature, is available this instant in the essence of our minds.

The gate-less gate is no other than mind for all that seek the way to walk through.
Looking outward, to forms, names, sutras or teachers to supply us with the truth can never ultimately bring us satisfaction and often leads us astray from the Dharma. Holding on to thoughts, either good or bad is delusion. To be free from delusion is available in each moment. Erroneous views keep us in defilement, right views eliminate them. All of the customs and rituals that we might preform will not bring any merit.

Right view will bring wisdom. Dualistic views, good and bad, right and wrong must not be attached to. The light of wisdom (prajna) purifies the perceptions and removes the three poisons.

All differences disappear when we know our own mind. This is so. The light of wisdom is to be recognized just as the moon is reflected in the dew drop. The way is no other than this. Over and over again remember this. Do not attach to anything. There is no difference between the deluded and enlightened from the Buddhas view.

I gratefully thank all the ancestors that teach the True Dharma.

Keep a clear mind.

See just this.

Sky, trees, hawk drinking at edge of pond.

Problems arise from holding on to thought, like a strangler fig.

I, me, mine.

Drop it.

Just don’t know.

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