Where to find the Buddha?

In the Lotus Sutra, chapter ten it says: “The abode of the Tathagata is the great compassionate heart with-in all living beings; the robe of the Tathagata is the gentle and for-bearing heart; the throne of the Tathagata is the voidness of all laws (dharmas).” To be in the moment, truly means flying without wings, […]

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As a Lay Zen Buddhist, I have for the last couple of years been in the privileged position of facilitating zazen and sometimes offering whatever insight I may have into what this is. Sharing one’s insight is different than being an expert.   There are many sources from which you can conceptualize Zen and have some […]

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A lamp and its light

“A lamp and its light”  is a phrase from the Platform Sutra, where the absolute (emptiness) is the lamp and the relative, it’s light.  In Zen, the “Middle Way” is addressing the absolute and the relative as one reality. The middle way in Zen also means walking in the path that reconciles the irreconcilable. For […]

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