the way beyond

Not going, not coming, rooted, deep and still. not reaching out, not reaching in, just resting, at the center. The single jewel, the flawless crystal drop, in the blaze of its brilliance, the way beyond. — Shih Te From the Cold Mountain Poems of Han Shan, Shih Te and Wang Fan-chih, translated by J.P. Seaton.

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Being Ordinary

Question: What do you mean by Ordinary Zen? Answer: We are so busy chasing after what we think is important to us that we miss out on how very extraordinarily beautiful ordinary life is!  When I first began my practice, I was fortunate to spend time with the Korean Zen Master Gosung Shin. He was ordinary, yet […]

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What are you hiding from

You can not hide from your shadow. It follows you everywhere. You can get out of the shadows, into the bright sunlight, and the shadow is just a shadow. You are who you are and what you are. Yet you’re not who you think you are! What are you hiding from? Light is life. Illuminate your […]

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